SMART’s DuraMemory™ DDR5 RDIMMs are designed to meet increasing needs for efficient performance in a wide range of applications including cloud computing and data center processing.

The DDR5 specification provides developers with twice the performance (4.8 to 6.4 Gbps data rate) and improved power efficiency in comparison to DDR4 by using an on-DIMM 12V voltage regulator (PMIC) and 1.1 I/O Voltage.

DDR5 also improves scaling performance without degrading channel efficiency at higher speeds. This increased performance is achieved by doubling the burst length to BL16 and bank-count to 32 from 16.

For increased reliability and efficiency, a DDR5 DIMM boasts two 40-bit fully independent sub-channels on the same module. DDR5 memory modules have a maximum die density of 64Gb and hence are capable of having a much higher DIMM storage capacity.

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