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Gen-Z scalable computing interconnect protocol

The Gen-Z scalable computing interconnect protocol provides a simplified interface based on memory semantics and is designed to handle advance workloads, enabling data centric computing with scalable memory pools and resources for real-time analytics and in memory applications. The Gen-Z interconnect standard was developed to enable new solution architectures for delivering high levels of performance ….  Read More

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SMART’s Persistent Memory DDR4 NVDIMMs

SMART’s DDR4 NVDIMMs combine nonvolatile memory functionality with high speed DDR4 DRAM technology. DDR4 NVDIMMs provide a persistent memory solution to significantly accelerate application performance in server and storage appliances. NVDIMMs support Autonomous Self Refresh (ASR). SMART’s patented ASR feature allows the NVDIMM to independently initiate a backup in the event of an OS crash ….  Read More

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SMART’s DuraMemory™ SODIMM

SMART’s DuraMemory™ SODIMM, or small outline dual in-line memory modules provide a smaller alternative than standard DIMM, roughly half the size of regular DIMM module. SODIMMs are used in systems with limited space, such as industrial control, embedded and rugged computing applications, and networking hardware, such as routers. SODIMMs are commonly used in harsh operating ….  Read More