Aerospace employs some of the newest and most sophisticated computing technologies. Every single system in aerospace applications demands exceptional accuracy, stability and reliability in terms of performance. Whether it’s a commercial airliner, military helicopter, jet fighter or space shuttle, all require synchronous computing abilities for immediate access, transmission from air to ground, and historical storage information. Whatever the application, aerospace requires stable and reliable performance for maintaining safety and success.

Applications and Use Case 

Application-Specific Optimization Capabilities

  • NVMSentry – Proprietary firmware architecture capable of customization to maximize performance for individual use cases
  • Extensive design support for customers including a deployable FAE team
  • Pre and post-sales support

Mission Critical SSD’s for Aerospace

  • Industrial temperature (-40C to +85C) devices available for fan-less and low airflow systems
  • Extensive testing and burn-in to minimize field failures
  • Trusted quality components

Security Support for Aerospace

  • SafeDATA – Suite of hardware and firmware that goes beyond standard PLP/pFail with intelligent power loss detection
  • TCG Opal 2.0 and AES-256 encryption for data security and data sanitization
Flash Products

ME2 M.2 2280

ME2 2.5"

S5E 2.5"

T5PFLC 2.5"

T5PF 2.5"

T5E 2.5"



SP2800 M.2 2280

SP2800 M.2 22110

SP2800 U.2

T5EN M.2 2280

T5EN U.2